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24 Apr 2019

Five Ways To Liven Up Dog Walks

Practice makes paw-fect

Em-bark-ing on new adventures means making friends with new dogs and their owners, so bring along a handful of your pooch's favorite treats to reward friendly behavior - and you've just doubled up your walk to incorporate obedience training! Dogs are naturally very sociable animals, so praising and offering treats when they meet new dogs teaches them that socializing is rewarding.

You can avoid conflicts by having more control over your dog's behavior when other dogs are acting a little less than friendly - so commands like sit and stay can also be useful to learn. And as an added bonus, if they are trained to return they can also be trusted with off-leash play!

Been a good boy? Bring a toy!

When your pup is well-behaved enough to be off the lead, this is when the fun can really begin! Next time you're scheduled for a walk, bring a selection of toys and take a detour to the local field to play fetch or tug-of-war (make sure it's a safe space that legally allows dogs to roam). Remember that playtime shouldn't always be included on a walk as your pet may come to expect it and fool around early on in the walk - so make sure your dog behaves well for the first half hour, then let loose!

Lead by example - and switch up your leash routine!

Ever noticed your dog become restless after they've walked alongside you for longer periods? That's a sign you should think about alternating between controlled and loose leash walking.

Sure, ideally your dog should walk by your side most of the time, but it's important to give them a bit more freedom. It is necessary that they behave well on a lead, but they need to be able to relax and have a sniff in the grass too. In order for your dog to feel comfortable and confident on walks, they need to become familiar with their surroundings. So being confined to your ankle indefinitely isn't the best for your companion's well-being.

Set up a walking party

It's great to have one-on-one time with your dog, but sometimes it can be more fun to expand the walking party and include a friend or two - even better if they have their own pets to bring along! The best part? Giving your doggy socializing time also gives you a great o-paw-tunity for you to catch up with your friend while your pets have a playdate at the same time.

Know some people with dogs in your neighborhood? Why not set up a dog-walking club? The route, pace and length of the walk will inadvertently become more varied and exciting as everyone will have their own unique track - and you could finish up with a puppuccino in a dog-friendly cafe or restaurant. Just remember to pack your Comfy cover® when you're on the go for maximum snuggly comfort - they've earned it after a long walk!