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Our history

Meet Ghislain

Just like you, I absolutely love pets. Puppy Love was born in 2018 after I realised just how much I adored growing up in a household with fluffy, cuddly pets (thanks to my amazing parents). I’m delighted to bring my warm memories of cuddling with my dogs to thousands of pets and their adorning owners around the world with my select range of affordable luxury pet-approved beds and blankets -a beautiful addition to any living space and so easy to clean.

Say hello to Léo & Gloria!

Just a few days after I was born, my parents adopted Léo & Gloria into the family. I always considered us as triplets - and with all the attention and food we needed, my parents probably thought the same!

When Léo left us, I had left to study in Canada and my parents told me Gloria felt single. We tried everything to fill the gap left by Léo but nothing seemed to work.

The round cushion revelation

And then one day, my dad brought home a round cushion with flattened edges. I thought: this looks like mine. If I can sleep so well, surely Gloria can too. And I was right. She frolicked, played - and slept - just like before!

“If I can sleep so well, surely Gloria can too”


The Eureka moment

Harnessing all of the comforting power of a dog bed made Gloria a happy pup. I was desperate to unite dogs and their owners in a pocket of tranquility. Having just graduated from engineering college, I tested prototype after prototype with Gloria until we got it just right together (the more tail wags the better!).

My mission has begun

From that moment my mission began. Now I was going to be able to provide animal welfare through the work we do at Puppy Love.
Our mission