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Our mission

We’re only happy when your dog is happy

Since we launched, our job has always been to make every dog, owner (and ownerless dog) as happy, healthy and safe as possible, one snooze at a time. We’re proud to stand up for pups. Every dog deserves a healthy meal and a happy home - so we are proud to support the ASPCA® and its mission to save lives. To learn more, visit:

From day one, we’ve given our Comfy cushions and donated meals to help get tails wagging and cats purring in animal shelters - because every pet deserves love!

The team that brings you the Comfy cushion is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of your loved ones - as well as animals who are less fortunate.

A common mission : animal welfare, you & us.

Since the beginning of the Puppy Love adventure, your orders have been used to provide thousands of meals to animals in shelters. We have been working with local animal shelters and organisations since day one to offer animals across UK & Europe.

Behind our soothing Comfy pillow hides a committed team that does the hard work. Our goal is to bring you products designed for the well-being of your loved ones, while giving a little love to animals that don't have the chance on a daily basis.

Why a range of soothing products?

Quite simply because it was a need from experiences of multiple pet parents! Like you, animals live and feel emotions. Stress, fear, anxiety, feelings of insecurity are part of their daily lives.

And like you, they need a place to feel good, calm and relaxed. The Comfy range brings all of this, a set of positive emotions that improves your pet's quality of life, sleep and therefore health.

Our blankets

Puppylove supports ASPCA. For more:
  • Perfect protection
  • Easily transported
  • Complete relaxation
  • Machine-washable

Our beds

Puppylove supports ASPCA. For more:
  • Relieves your pet's anxiety
  • Improves your pet's sleep
  • Keeps your pet warm
  • Removable & hygienic