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Comfy® 3 in 1 Walk Kit

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 50 reviews
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  • 100% convenient, 100% comfortable
  • Ergonomic multi-activity harness
  • Resistant multi-position leash
  • Convenient and discreet poop bag holder

Harness Size :

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • 36-44 CM
  • 41-50 CM
  • 48-61 CM

Leash Size :

  • S
  • M
  • 145 CM
  • 200 CM

Color :

Navy blue
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For each order, 1€ is donated to a local animal protection association
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  • 100% convenient, 100% comfortable
  • Ergonomic multi-activity harness
  • Resistant multi-position leash
  • Convenient and discreet poop bag holder



The Comfy 3-in-1 Walk Kit has been designed to offer you privileged and safe moments with your dog. It offers a supervised and respectful control of your pet. It is an essential element of comfort for you and your dog for unforgettable and worry-free walks. Happy Walking!

Perfect for every type of walk: fast or fun, it can be used in the city as well as in the countryside and is also suitable for young and adult dogs. The harness is carefully designed in such away that it gives your dog immense freedom of movement

Free delivery from 50$
Delivery in 2 weeks
Secure payment
Favourite walk kit of thousands of happy pets. 300,000+ satisfied customers.
Excellent 4.2/5


Multi-position leash

Lightweight, durable leash. Adjustable length thanks to its two snap carabiners, for a customized fit. Perfect to let your dog explore further, and safely. Designed to not hurt your precious hand.


Ergonomic harness

Ergonomic multi-activity harness with 3 attachment points to provide optimal comfort for every type of walk. Easy to put on and adjust. Safe and comfortable for both you and your dog.


Poop bag dispenser

So discreet, so light, so unobtrusive, we almost forget to mention it! This poop bag dispenser is essential for keeping your walking area neat and clean.

Ergonomic harness for comfort and multi-activity

Designed for every dog

Our team of canine comfort experts have studied the morphology of thousands of dogs of different breeds and sizes to create a harness that adapts to every dog for a perfect fit.

Ergonomic and safe

It avoids tension on the neck and pressure on the trachea and doesn’t interfere with breathing. Its minimalist design does not hinder the freedom of movement of your pet's shoulders and thus preserve their joints.

Easy to put on, easy to adjust

It can be easily adapted at the neck and chest level thanks to its straps and adjustable buckles. It has three leash attachment points for comfort on every type of walk. Its design helps limit pulling behavior.

Top comfort

It is light, flexible, and durable. It’s made of soft and breathable materials to reduce friction, not irritate the skin and not store heat. It does not retain hair or odors for easy maintenance.

Puppy Love makes your daily life easier

  • 3 attachment points
  • Designed for every dog
  • Made for multiple activities
  • Recyclable materials
  • Official sponsor of local animal protection associations

Manufacture and materials

Our Comfy® 3-in-1 Walk Kit is made from quality, recyclable and durable materials to provide you and your pet with optimal comfort.

Scuba Mesh Fabric
Scuba Mesh Fabric

Our harness is made of Scuba, a mesh similar to Neoprene, which has the qualities of Neoprene (it is waterproof and water-repellent), without the disadvantages. It is a stronger, more breathable, lighter and more flexible material, which fits your dog's body perfectly, without making him hot. It is washable and dries very quickly.

Carabiners made of zinc alloy
Carabiners made of zinc alloy

Our multi-position leash has two zinc alloy carabiners at each end. Its length is adjustable and allows for a customized fit for each walk. We chose zinc for its strength and its anti-rust qulaity.

100% recyclable PVC strap
100% recyclable PVC strap

The strap of our leash is made of 100% recyclable soft PVC, a material that is strong, light and malleable for a comfortable grip that does not hurt the hands. It is a material of first choice because it's resistant to continuous tension, wear and tear and water. It is space saving and can easily be stored in a bag.

Oiled ABS bag holder
Oiled ABS bag holder

Our poop bag holder is made of ABS, a resilient recyclable plastic that is resistant to temperature variations as well as impacts and scratches. Rubber oil finish, for a smoother, softer and more pleasant feel.

We support abandoned animals

For each order, 1€ is donated to a local animal protection association

At Puppy Love, we believe that all animals have the right to be loved. Since our launch, we have worked closely with local animal protection associations to help make as many animals as possible happy..

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We answer your questions

What are the advantages of a harness compared to a collar?

A collar can be considered as a stylish accessory, but it is not recommended for walking. With a collar, your dog can injure their neck and have their breath cut off by pulling on the leash. The use of a harness is recommended because it maintains the dog's whole body and does not concentrate the pressure on his neck.

How do I measure my dog correctly to choose the right size harness?

Can I wash the harness and leash?

What are the advantages of a multi-position leash?

Do you use eco-friendly materials?

What our wonderful Puppy Lovers say

32 Reviews

Top comfort

I used to put a collar on my dog Lala, a 4 year old beagle, who was very lively and stubborn. I always felt like I was hurting her neck when I tried to restrain her. With the Puppy Love harness, I feel that I have more control over Lala without restricting her movements.

Adam M

Super easy to put on

I struggled for over a year every day with a gear that goes on by the head. That's history! Now in a few seconds Goliath is ready for his walk because his harness is so easy to adjust.

Rosa B.

Great all-terrain harness

I finally found a multi-activity harness that I can use for a quick morning walk as well as for long weekend walks in the countryside. I had doubts about its resistance because it is so light, but I confirm, it is definitely solid!

Iman B.

A FULL walk kit!

The poop bag holder is usually sold separately, which is an additional cost (mandatory) because it's essential to always have bags on a walk. It's a great idea to have it included in the kit, thanks!

Marc C.

More peaceful walks

I bought the kit for my little 9 year old bichon. As he gets older, he doesn't run as fast, but he still loves going for walks. The Puppy Love harness makes me feel better because I can grab my dog and pick him up faster when a bigger friend runs into him.

Nathalie L.

Always a clean harness

I have a border collie who loves to be active. We go for long walks every day in the city, and on weekends, we go to the woods! What I like about this harness is that in addition to adjusting perfectly to my dog, it does not keep the hair or moisture.

Claudine F.

Technically flawless

Honestly, I am very satisfied overall. Good value for money and technically flawless: multi-position leash, 3 attachment points on the harness, qualitative technical materials. The only thing : a wider choice of colors would have been appreciated :)

Malika P.

Perfect for my young dog

It is often said that it is better to reserve the collar for young puppies for their education. This is not true. I tested the Puppy Love harness with Sati, my 8 month old golden retriever and it suits her perfectly. Thanks to its 3 attachment points, I can attach the leash in different places, depending on our activities. Learning became a real pleasure for both of us.

Stéphane M.

The sleek style, the color... I love it

THANK YOU Puppy Love for creating such a complete and matching kit. I am a fan of pink and I think my dog Aska wears it very well. With her leash and her little colored harness, she's really stylish, so does everybody tell me when I go for a walk.

Mia P.

My dog has more freedom

I have a big, sweet, but strong 29 kg doggie! I am much more relaxed now because his pulling movements are reduced with this harness, while leaving him a great freedom and ease. He is not bothered at the shoulders or legs as with some other harnesses.

Charlie M.

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